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A fanzine chronicling a true romance of the ages. Tale as old as time, song as old as rhymeBowser and Luigi.

32 pp, PDF

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Tagsbowser, bowuigi, Fanzine, luigi, zine


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You really shouldn't be charging for fan work, especially NINTENDO fan work. If they find out they'll likely go ballistic on you, given how they've acted with free fan games in the past

I am on a phone and broke     (」゚ロ゚)」ᴺᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼ~




Bro i dont have 4 bucks im poor as heck bruh

good for them

This was so cute what the hell


man... i mean good artwork im sure alot of people like it but for me. ive been a nintendo fan for years ever since i was 6. 6 years later i find this.  Not  My Style But.

Good Work.

i havent read it tho

When I heard about this I had to see it. Found it mentioned in a youtube video. Cute work, keep on keeping on.


Beautiful! Fulfilled my wildest dreams after the latest movie trailer! <3


mini review: absolutely delightful and overwhelmingly fluffy. great use of four dollars (for me at least)

i have been a fan of Witchy for years so what a delight to learn ariel slamet ries is not only talented and funny but also an artist of impeccable taste in men and/or lizards. this rules


Is there a form of this that is printer formatted? So that I can print it out as an actual zine for a shelf?


i can set one up if the creator doesn't mind. It would be print ready booklet format that you can take to any Staples to print out. (Coming from a print employee)

I'd love that! But, I guess it's not up to us!

this is some good stuff from what i am seeing